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Born in the psychedelic sixties to hard working and conservative parents my sister and I grew up in sleepy suburban Perth, Western Australia. We played by the river, the beach and in the bushland of the cementary. I loved a chocolate Dachshund enough to make me want to become a veterinarian. I did. I became paralysed from the waist down when car hit tree. But not running, walking, standing or kneeling didn't prevent me being a vet. I am still a vet but would prefer to write and read and read and write about walking and not walking, feeling and not feeling, knowing and not knowing. So this is what happens when you enter thechookhouse.

Lost Child

Murphy sits at Joan’s feet. Her hand finds his head and rests atop. Her fingers find their way through wiry fur to the bony skull beneath to massage his head. Her fingers are smooth and white. The fingers of an old woman … Continue reading

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Colouring-In for dogs

There seems a growing trend to use meditation and mindfulness exercises to ease anxiety and stress in humans. This is clearly a good idea. Research says that the naming of emotions, even a simple acknowledgement such as, “I feel frustrated” can … Continue reading

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Hospital Corridors

Some people like airports and railway stations and shopping malls and art galleries. Some people don’t like hospitals. I do. I love them. All of them. Old ones, new ones, empty ones, full ones. I see curing, healing, surviving. I … Continue reading

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Happy Hens

I am at a seminar given by a guru in the world of animal welfare. This man is not a vet. He is a scientist and somewhat of a philosopher too. Professor David Mellor says that when an animal is … Continue reading

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Uncinate fasciculus

I learnt about this tract of brain matter while studying for my membership in Animal Behaviour. In a mentor’s recording on anxiety the words slipped past my ear. I had to replay it several times to make it out and … Continue reading

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Rottnest 2015

  Mini Murmurations.   Starlings do this thing. Instantaneously. Like a sheet shaken out. About to be laid over a bed. Thrown into the sky in one action. Graham is sitting on the arm of the couch on the balcony … Continue reading

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Grey t-shirt and Jeans

Today I heard the tail end of Mark Zuckerberg saying he wore the same thing every day to cut down on his cognitive choices. Wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans on a daily basis gave him one less thing to … Continue reading

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Swan taxi to the airport. Wagon. No need to dismantle the chair. First question before reaching the end of the street. “That man – he was your husband? And the boy your son?” “Yes.” “What is happened to you?” I … Continue reading

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The lapping of the river is like a giant dog licking itself. A constant slurp. It is skinny milk café latte. Sometimes it shimmers. Sometimes it is smooth, muddy brown. Bottomless. When boys get atop canoes and kayaks it becomes … Continue reading

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This House Of Grief – Helen Garner

I have just finished reading Helen Garner’s This House of Grief. It is a remarkable achievement, especially since the story is so well-known that there is virtually no opportunity to create suspense. Yet it is suspenseful. It is not suspense … Continue reading

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