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Magic Miller

One hot day trapped inside a Fremantle cottage the boy discovers card tricks.  After the I’m bored. Forced into finding something other than my offerings. The excitement of washing up is declined. Knock yourself out hanging up the wet washing, I suggest. He will … Continue reading

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Uncinate fasciculus

I learnt about this tract of brain matter while studying for my membership in Animal Behaviour. In a mentor’s recording on anxiety the words slipped past my ear. I had to replay it several times to make it out and … Continue reading

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Letting the day slip away…

There is guilt of course. There is a lime green file. It is full of pages of neurology and psychopharmacology. It is mind bogglingly hard to fathom. When it starts to grind down to the DNA in the cell and … Continue reading

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Mad Mother

In my attempt to not embarrass him, I keep my cool.   There are stairs at the entrance to the sign-in area for the GATE visual arts testing all-day workshop. Deliver me from evil. This is not supposed to be … Continue reading

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