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Dirty Laundry

I don’t know what I am doing here.   Call me a no good, sticky beak, nosey parker.   Do you feel better if you have a note pad to look down at and scribble in? Curiosity overwhelms shame. Something … Continue reading

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from “The North London Book of the Dead” by Will Self

“I suppose that the form my bereavement took after my mother died was fairly conventional. Initially I was shocked. Her final illness was mercifully quick, but harrowing. Cancer tore through her body as if it were late for an important … Continue reading

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Empty Nest

  The Robinia is still recovering from the storm. The edges of its fragile leaves are brown and bruised. It is not how it usually looks in summer. It is autumnal, bedraggled. The Willy Wag tail nest is still there. … Continue reading

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Roger Angell on Loss

Roger Angell, writing in the New Yorker, says it all perfectly… “My wife, Carol, doesn’t know that President Obama won reelection last Tuesday, carrying Ohio and Pennsylvania and Colorado, and compiling more than three hundred electoral votes. She doesn’t know … Continue reading

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Finally he is gone. No more gauntness to contend with. No more gripping claws. The sigh is heavy, full of relief – for him and, oh yes, for myself. I take pleasure in buying bones for the dog. I love … Continue reading

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