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Noosa – from Beach to Light House (almost)…

The sick are not on the path – not the dying, the undiagnosed illness saunters past, the diseased gene. The path is for the healthy, or the fat. The families. Fathers with babies in back packs. Mothers in slouchy hats. … Continue reading

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Swan taxi to the airport. Wagon. No need to dismantle the chair. First question before reaching the end of the street. “That man – he was your husband? And the boy your son?” “Yes.” “What is happened to you?” I … Continue reading

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The Giant, the Cook and the Cripple.

Pat Metheny plays. I stare at the knots in the wood of the orange pine ceiling. On my single bed. I remember studying ceilings; a past time of the spinal patient.   I think of yesterday.   On a quad … Continue reading

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A Finnish Sock Knitter and The Marine Mammal Researchers

Rottnest. This year we have new comers. Old friends have new partners. But even though couples have split, friendships are secure. They’re those thirty year friendships that, like good wine, age and mature. They become deeper, richer, more satisfying. There … Continue reading

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Mad Mother

In my attempt to not embarrass him, I keep my cool.   There are stairs at the entrance to the sign-in area for the GATE visual arts testing all-day workshop. Deliver me from evil. This is not supposed to be … Continue reading

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