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Noosa – from Beach to Light House (almost)…

The sick are not on the path – not the dying, the undiagnosed illness saunters past, the diseased gene. The path is for the healthy, or the fat. The families. Fathers with babies in back packs. Mothers in slouchy hats. … Continue reading

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Hospital Corridors

Some people like airports and railway stations and shopping malls and art galleries. Some people don’t like hospitals. I do. I love them. All of them. Old ones, new ones, empty ones, full ones. I see curing, healing, surviving. I … Continue reading

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F Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “List of Troubles” (from his Notebooks)— List of troubles Heart burn Eczema Piles Flu Night sweats Alcoholism Infected Nose Insomnia Ruined Nerves Chronic Cough Aching teeth Shortness of Breath Falling Hair Cramps in Feet Tingling Feet Constipation Cirocis … Continue reading

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Behind the Curtain

I am in one those curtained spaces in a doctor’s treatment room area. It is supposed to provide privacy. But it is a weird sort of private. One that presumes our only sense is sight. Like a face hidden from … Continue reading

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Jasper at Home from School

There is giggling coming from the lounge room. He, the home-from-school-boy, is watching Megamind. It is animation so typical of this era. I give him a bowl of strawberries, washed and cut. The strawberries are enormous. Unreally so. They need … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a lost day. Before bed we watched “28 weeks”, a movie set in London when it is attacked by a zombie virus. In the movie the virulent infection turns the humans into raging, attacking maniacs whose faces are … Continue reading

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