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Nearly there…

The year has a way of picking up speed at the end.   Like a train with failing brakes – headlong down the mountain. Where’s the man with the Mars Bar when you need him?   Today is one of … Continue reading

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Dealing with Disappointment

I decide to ring the Department of Education because it is mid way through August and we are supposed to hear about Jasper’s application in August. I don’t really expect to be given a result on the phone, and so … Continue reading

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Head cold meets Knitting

  Jasper says, “I wish I could knit on the couch while the TV is on, like you do…” “I can teach you. What do you want to knit?” “A beanie.” A free-off-the-web beanie pattern is downloaded. A spare ball of … Continue reading

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Missing Jasper

Jasper is away. A long way away. He is across a very big continent. He is in a different time zone. He is not with either of his parents. It feels weird. He rings and his voice is so young. … Continue reading

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The Fire

This story was first published in 2003, in issue 95 of Island Magazine. It is a decade since a fire burnt our house. At the time my sister was dumping my dad. A baby was learning to sleep. It seemed the … Continue reading

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Once upon…a kitchen

Once upon a kitchen….start of the stormy season. The yard is awash with decaying brown leaves. The verges are all tatty. The already very messy Australian landscape is even more dishevelled. Eucalypts with a bad hair day. Wind has wreaked … Continue reading

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Old fashioned Ruler and Wafer Biscuit

  Because I don’t know what else to do…. Seeing the teacher this afternoon. Guts in a knot. Ate one biscuit. Wanted another. Stopped myself. Took a photo of it instead. Yesterday Jasper left his hat in his bag in … Continue reading

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No More Montessori

When people who have never sent their kids to a Montessori school tell you Montesorri kids are weird, or how much they love Montessori despite never being part of a school with that system, it makes you want to… Everyone’s … Continue reading

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Changing Schools

Yesterday was the first day of the school year and Jasper had gone off in the car with his father to his school where he has gone since he was three years old. At three he was blonder and rounder … Continue reading

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Telling the Time

For a long time Jasper has had trouble with reading the analog clock. Everyone reads the time off the microwave. 6.50. Little fluorescent squared numbers. Marching on without tick. Without tock. 7.30. Help! 8.15. Shoes on. Didn’t I tell you … Continue reading

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