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Pomegranate Jewels in The Kitchen Garden

The glistening beads pop in your mouth. Melded with tomato and herbs they add sweetness and a firm texture. Little bursts. No one can quite believe the little red gems are as delicious as they are. They are an ancient … Continue reading

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Leunig in the Kitchen

Leunig asks himself, “What is this?” It is his way in to everything. He describes his childhood as one of benign neglect. He grew up in a working class family with four other siblings. He played in paddocks on the … Continue reading

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The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Big Lunch…

It is the day before the Big Lunch and there are only a couple of volunteers in the kitchen with a handful of kids doing the mise en place. Lee explains to the kids this is what restaurants do to prepare. Today … Continue reading

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What will you be when you grow up?

I am contemplating this. I am still finding my own path. It seems I want to be many things. Story-teller, for one. Of course there are some dreams that I must simply accept are out of my reach. I don’t … Continue reading

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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

This is my first day as a parent helper in the Primary School Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden project. I have signed the declaration assuring the school I have no criminal convictions against children. I am allowed in their vicinity. I … Continue reading

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Old fashioned Ruler and Wafer Biscuit

  Because I don’t know what else to do…. Seeing the teacher this afternoon. Guts in a knot. Ate one biscuit. Wanted another. Stopped myself. Took a photo of it instead. Yesterday Jasper left his hat in his bag in … Continue reading

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