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Rottnest 2015

  Mini Murmurations.   Starlings do this thing. Instantaneously. Like a sheet shaken out. About to be laid over a bed. Thrown into the sky in one action. Graham is sitting on the arm of the couch on the balcony … Continue reading

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A Finnish Sock Knitter and The Marine Mammal Researchers

Rottnest. This year we have new comers. Old friends have new partners. But even though couples have split, friendships are secure. They’re those thirty year friendships that, like good wine, age and mature. They become deeper, richer, more satisfying. There … Continue reading

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Nearly there…

The year has a way of picking up speed at the end.   Like a train with failing brakes – headlong down the mountain. Where’s the man with the Mars Bar when you need him?   Today is one of … Continue reading

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Summer in the Seventies

The summer holiday of our childhood is bursting with the beach. An easterly blowing. The blue, flat and calm. The sand already blistering. White hot. We arrive when a car park in the shade of the Norfolks is easy to … Continue reading

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