When My Site Went White

When I tried to access my blog this morning the screen was white. As the driven snow. Not that I know that colour living in the dry hot earth of Perth. But it was. White. Blank. Zilch. No nothing. I felt my heart rate rise. What if my blog had gone? Then where was it and how to find it? Was it lost in the cloud that is the internet? Of course fear feels worse, comes on most strongly, when we know not what we are dealing with. And for me technology beyond word processing is fearful. I don’t really understand the internet, let alone begin to know how it works. How does it store all the words we write? All the pictures we make? It is too ethereal to believe in and so when the site is white it really does seems lost completely and down a rabbit hole it has gone. To follow it would surely end in madness.

Who would miss it apart from me? I have used it as a diary, a place to store the thoughts, to practice the thing I hope one day to master. To have it read by my followers is a bonus but not something they need. It is a distraction to them, as it is to me. So what if it was lost down the whitest of white holes?

In a whoosh and a poof it is back. Magic of the most magical kind. But there is a need now to print stuff. Just in case. To save it in a word document on another thumb drive. Because maybe…oneday…


4 Replies to “When My Site Went White”

  1. Do words and ideas dissolve in the ether? Is there a wind blowing and do the clouds swirl? Where there is no understanding, there exists magic… and infinite imagination.


  2. Hi Nicole

    I too, use my blog to record memories and ideas and am pretty sure I am my own biggest fan, going back to re-ead stories I am fearful of forgetting.
    There is a company whose ad often pops up when I am logged into Blogger, that converts your blog into a printed book. It is pretty no-frills but gives you certain options such as including comments, or only printing certain types of posts. I had my entire blog printed partway through last year, just as a concrete record. It wasn’t that expensive and might be the solution you are looking for. I will try and find the website and send it to you.
    Best wishes, Shannon


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