Going without tea….

Having almost completed Feb fast- a month without alcohol; I am wondering what else I could do without…

Anger, frustration, voice raising. If I could have a serene household without the morning yelling; get your shoes on, brush your teeth, have you got your hat? If I could channel more zen.

I could go without chocolate or dessert. Because if push comes to shove I don’t really care about them.

What I couldn’t go without is tea. Made in a pot from water boiled in a kettle. A green enamel kettle that whistles, screamingly, when it is ready. The tea pot is a Zero, made in Japan. It holds the tea leaves in a sieve suspended in the water. It is almost spherical, black with a stainless silver lid. The tea is fine leaf ceylon. It makes strong tea. No herbs or petals. No scents. Just tea. The water is turned molasses brown. It is sweetened a tad with raw sugar and a dash of milk. It is hot and soothing. It is calming. It is tea.

One Reply to “Going without tea….”

  1. Couldn’t agree more Nic.

    There’s a line in one of those hilarious Mr McGee books by Pamela Allen….”there’s nothing like a cup of tea, when you’ve been sailing on the sea”. I say that at least once a day.


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