I’m Back

Database error

Don’t know if you even noticed but, over Easter, my site went down. No little chook house…

It was a blank white page with the gobbly gook words Error Establishing Database in big black letters written across the top. Of course this means nothing to me. I don’t even know what a Database is. I don’t want to know either.

But ignorance of these things leads to panic when you are left trying to fix it. All I could think was that my blog had evaporated and how sad that made me feel. I love my blog. My little bit of internet heaven. I did a google search. I got help from help and support pages but there were too many slashes and dots and commas and semi colons. I could feel it making my heart beat race.

When the internet company fixed it for me just moments ago – I don’t know what the man did. He sent me a smiley face.

So No Need To Panic Any Longer…


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